Hey Doyennes,

Have plans for Valentine’s Day? Hence the title of this post, I purposely put “day” because come on, not everyone is blessed to have a date. I have been on the look out for the most stylish outfit(s), beauty tips/products and classes that will be sure to give you and/or your date the best day of the year. All my single ladies don’t sit on the sofa eating leftovers and wishing you had a date. Oh please, take a barre class (not your typical barre class) put on your sexiest dress, trendy lipstick, favorite scent and get your ass out of the house. I will be attending the “Dirty Dancing” workshop at The Vertical Barre just in time for Valentine’s Day. I like to feel sexy and confident in my skin and this is the perfect class to help boost my confidence, especially being single.

Check out my Top 10 must haves for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

1. Okay, Ditch the dress

jumpsuit asilio.jpg


Asilio Sevilla Tie Jumpsuit ($231)

1. Upside down has a lot of perks


The Upside Down Soft Bra ($28)

2. Matchy- matchy will never go out of style


The Upside Down Undie ($18)

3. Bring all the boys to your yard with this scent


RiRi Kiss ($60)

4. Wear these with your Birthday Suit (HELLO!)


Valley Girl Feather Slide ($38)

5. Ladies is pimps too


Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Vegan Leather Cuffs ($40)

6. Light this to feel pretty

rosa mundi.jpg

Limited Edition Rosa Mundi ($68)

7. Pair a jumpsuit with these sneakers any day


Siren Topic Satin Sneaker – Blush ($90)

8. Kiss it Better with this Viva Glam Lipstick


M.A.C Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick ($17)

9. Learn the BEST SEX enticing moves from your Pilates Instructor and wear your sexiest workout gear while working


A Sexy Floor Workout to Increase Your Flexibility (Follow this vid if you can’t get into a studio)

10. Cherry on TOP the day off with a pole class/dance…For YOU or for Him

pole dance.jpg

Schedule a class at a Pole/Barre Studio near you

As always be you.



P.S. Like, Share, Comment I wanna know how your  Valentine’s Day goes..THANKS!









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