Hey Doyennes,

I woke up feeling blessed to be alive! This time of the year is hard for some of us to move forward, we feel hopeless, alone..so I was praising the Lord today for being alive and clothed in my right mind. If you are feeling lost, hopeless, alone check out #first5 app (a ministry foundation), I promise your life will change forever…mine has as well as so many more.

For the past few weeks I have wanted to go out and take a few pictures for the blog, but didn’t have the energy. My daughter is my assistant when it comes to taking pictures and it takes a lot of persuasion to get her to help.

Today’s #OOTD was casual/street style not having Pilates on my mind, however when you have a Pilates obsession anything can happen no matter what you have on. I chose the pose in the picture below because it is a favorite of mine in Pilates. It is not an easy to get into this pose, it took years of practice to get here. This exercise, when performed properly, is so effective; abs, abs, abs on top of abs! Check out my journey to weightloss using Pilates. Also, take a look at the details of my outfit here. It’s important to live within your means Doyennes which means budget. You can still look dope as f*#k!


I hope to inspire women around the world through my blog, pictures, fashion, research and Pilates.

As always be you.