Hey Doyennes!

I have been quite busy lately, but still managed to get in a workout four days this week. One of my workouts was done at The Vertical Barre. It was a workshop titled “Sit On Santa.” Oh my gosh! This class was AMAZING!! The choreography was dope, the song (December by Ariana Grande) my absolute favorite Christmas album ever was perfect! Of course I am an “Arianator.” I had the time of my life letting my alter ego take over. Have you ever experienced something that forced you to let go and let your alter EGO? You should definitely discover that person. We all have that in us, we just have to find it. I noticed when I get to dance, instruct, shoot (photography), or photograph that I have to let my alter EGO take over. She is sexy, confident, bold, strong, creative, fun and flirty. I can be shy when it comes to being in front of  a group of people. This class #changedmyperspective for sure, thanks Laci! Check out the pictures from top to bottom of me performing a flutter kick combination. The best part is that I was not perfect and no one judged, ha!


Changing your perspective can change your attitude within YOURSELF! I love the way Laci designed her studio. There are absolutely no mirrors. Really? Was that your first thought? Well it was my first thought when I walked in the studio. Because we judge ourselves and others, she decided not to put any mirrors up. How non-judgemental she is. If there were mirrors I would have been focusing on the way I look rather than just doing it.

Overall, changing your perspective can help you discover who your alter ego is. Don’t judge and you won’t be judged. People come in all shapes and sizes. Let us continue to spread love by encouraging and inspiring one another. I can’t wait for another workshop.


“There are no mirrors and no judgements; and if you can’t do something, you simply can’t do it yet.”                                                                                                             -Laci Lopez

As always be you.