Hey Doyennes,

Today we celebrated the birth of a King, our Savior Jesus Christ! I woke up feeling anxious for my daughter to receive her gifts that she had absolutely no idea about. This year I did things a little bit different. I did not put up a tree, no gifts went out. I wanted to enjoy the true meaning of what Christ-mas is all about. Sometimes I forget to celebrate the authentic cause of major holidays like today. I hope your Christmas was as peaceful and filled with joy as you hoped for. My love and heart goes out to those who may not have found themselves filled with joy for some reason or another. I want you to know that God and Jesus loves you; don’t give up hope.

To help celebrate today’s festivities I dressed pin-up style and stopped to take a few pictures. Downtown Opelousas, LA has an ancient feel to it which hit the head on the nail for my vision. My creative side was poppin’ today, I think. Tatiyana was behind the camera again. She did an amazing job, didn’t she? We used my iPhone 5s to capture these photos because I left behind my DSLR. Can you spot my festive Starbucks cup?


Red is one of my favorite colors especially for Christmas. It is traditional, but so vibrant! A red lip goes a long way, jazzing up almost any look you go far. Of course you can’t dress pin-up style with out a winged eye, head tie, and curls. So festive! I did not go out a buy a thing! I picked my entire outfit from my closet. These leopard boots are my favorite of all time. If you ever wonder what to gift me, leopard boots would be the answer (wink). The impromptu shoot would not be a shoot without Pilates in my vision. This pose below was awkward in this skirt, but it worked. The stretch felt great on my spine, hamstrings and arms.You should try it. Can you spot the cop car in the background? He asked me if I was okay, um yes sir I am perfectly fine.


Okay, maybe I am not so okay. Another one of my poses turned into a side plank. Huh? In this outfit. Not easy, my boot on the bottom was like leaning or something. But I didn’t give up.


And last but not least, testing my balance……a little blurry, but it works. Thank you Tatiyana for your putting up with me and my crazy vision.

One of the benefits of Pilates is balance and coordination. The matwork principles are used to insure you will gain these advantages. They include: control, center, fluidity, precision, breath, imagination, intuition and integration. Find a local Pilates studio and schedule your class asap! Be on your way to making mind blowing changes to your body.


As always be you.





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