Hey Doyennes,

About six years ago today, I began practicing Pilates for weightloss. Talk about an extremely challenging exercise it was for me being overweight. I was 240lbs, but did not realize how unhealthy I was. I ate what I wanted, smoked cigarettes, consumed more alcohol. The moment life hit me I decided to do something about it. I was depressed, unhappy, fat; but the one thing I had was confidence. For some reason confidence as always remained inside of me. I thank God for that feeling everyday. Ladies never let anyone still your confidence, the way we are supposed to feel about ourselves. We are all unique in our own way and we should embrace every bit of it, every chance we get. Okay, back to my story…I tend to get side tracked and off subject. So, weightloss, I started practicing from an at home DVD by Mari Winsor. It was too difficult and I gave up. Do you ever find yourself giving up or wanting to give up when work gets hard, life? Well, I am here to tell you DO NOT GIVE UP! God does not give up on us. I played around with the on and off of Pilates for two years. Once I noticed results after the 50th time giving up, I finally committed to it, yay me! Along with some walking five days a week for cardio, Brooke Siler’s Pilates Weightloss for Beginners at home DVD, Doyennes, I felt stronger than ever. In a year I lost 30lbs and in two years an additional 30lbs. Here I am three years later and I have lost a total of 100lbs and dropped a few pants sizes (20 to 4)!!!

All glory be to God in Jesus name for keeping me strong and never giving up on me. Am I perfect? NO, and I do not wish to be! Was it hard? Yes. Did I feel like quitting? YES, YES! Did I ever feel like I was alone? Yes! Did I have to stop eating crap? A billion times YES! I changed my LIFESTYLE in order to gain permanent results. One of my favorite quotes I live by is I CAN DO ANYTHING THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME (Phil 4:13). If this sounds like you or you know someone who is struggling currently trying to lose weight, give them a hug and encourage them along the way.

As always be you.